Modelwise and innotec Partner to Innovate Functional Safety


Continue innovating Functional Safety with AI and formal methods-based tools.

Modelwise, a spin-off of the Technical University of Munich that develops software for automated functional safety analyses, and innotec GmbH, a consulting company specialized in Functional Safety and since 2020 part of the TÜV AUSTRIA Group, announced their strategic partnership to innovate functional safety assessment. The collaboration combines Modelwise’s innovative software tool Paitron, applicable for all (A)SILs according to IEC 61508 and ISO 26262, and innotec’s expertise in functional safety solutions including HARA, safety requirements management, and safe hardware and software development. this collaboration, both companies are dedicated to revolutionizing safety engineering, offering customers unparalleled efficiency and effectiveness through the deployment of innovative tools like Paitron. Modelwise brings forth a transformative approach for industries including automation, automotive, railway, and aerospace, significantly reducing FME(D)A time from weeks to mere hours. With Paitron’s streamlined workflow, customers can focus on critical analysis rather than mundane documentation tasks, ultimately ensuring thorough safety analysis and boosting productivity.

In parallel, innotec contributes invaluable expertise, providing customers with access to engineers with years of experience across various industries. Committed to shared objectives, innotec understands the paramount importance of delivering safe, secure, and timely products. The pragmatic approach to safety-related projects, coupled with recognition and certification from worldwide institutes, ensures products meet the highest standards of safety and compliance. innotec has been committed for years in the direction of innovating the functional safety field.

For customers engaged in safety development, this partnership signifies more than just time efficiency. It represents direct access to cutting-edge technology, expert consulting services, and a shared commitment to excellence in safety engineering. By leveraging the combined strengths of Modelwise and innotec, customers can optimize processes, accelerate approvals, and achieve unparalleled peace of mind.

innotec x modelwise cooperation
innotec GmbH and Modelwise announced their strategic partnership to innovate functional safety assessment.

“The collaboration with innotec is transformative for Modelwise, as this partnership provides high-end consultancy to our customers, allowing us to integrate Paitron into the broader framework of safety management and assessment” stated Arnold Bitner, Co-CEO at Modelwise.

“The partnership with Modelwise means a big step toward innovating how our customers implement safe systems.” commented Claudio Gregorio, CEO at innotec “With Paitron, our common customers have demonstrated to save up to 80% of costs and be 100x time faster in performing FMEDA. We want to support other customers with safe solutions rather than spending hours manually inputting data into long Excel tables.”

For media inquiries or further information, please contact:

Claudio, +49 711 722 336 144 and Arnold Bitner,, +49 176 95 88 61 40

About innotec
innotec GmbH is a consulting company specialized in functional safety, machinery safety, and cybersecurity. Established in 1998, innotec GmbH advises companies on all matters regarding safety technology and the related processes, with the primary goal to enable them to realize projects as swiftly and cost-efficiently as possible, and making no compromise on safety.

About Modelwise
Modelwise, a Munich-based deep-tech company, revolutionizes functional safety analyses with AI-driven solutions. The mathematically complete solution seamlessly integrates into engineers’ workflows, significantly reducing time-to-market for companies like HIMA and Pepperl+Fuchs. By detecting potential design flaws early in the development of safety-critical products, the solution averts costly callbacks and ensures human safety.

Residual Stress Analyzer

MTS3000-Restan by SINT Technology:
Automatic system to perform the ASTM E837-20 procedure by hole-drilling

SINT Technology, a member of TÜV AUSTRIA Group, produces the MTS3000-Restan. An automatic system to perform the ASTM E837-20 procedure by hole-drilling.


Austrian Delegation:
Smart Manufacturing Business Mission

TÜV AUSTRIA Shanghai participated in the Smart Manufacturing Business Mission to Central China, organised by the Commercial Section of the Austrian Consulate General.

Canton Fair 2024


Canton Fair:
Showcase of TÜV AUSTRIA’s expertise and services to a global audience

The 135th Canton Fair, revered as “China’s first exhibition”, provided a platform for TÜV AUSTRIA to showcase the expertise and services to a global audience.

SINT Technology

Non-destructive mechanical method for residual stress analysis

SINT Technology, a member of TÜV AUSTRIA Group, uses the non-destructive mechanical method for residual stress analysis.

SINT Technology

Residual stress analysis in mechanical components
With state-of-the-art measurement technology

SINT Technology, a member of TÜV AUSTRIA Group, uses state-of-the-art measurement technology to test the residual stress level in mechanical components.

Kooperation innotec und SIListra


SIListra Systems and innotec Partner to Improve Functional Safety
Revolutionizing Functional Safety with Hardware Independent Safety

SIListra Systems GmbH, a highly specialized software company, and innotec GmbH, a consulting company specialized in Functional Safety, announced their strategic partnership to improve the safety development of embedded systems. The collaboration brings together SIListra’s cutting-edge software tool, the certified SIListra Safety Transformer, and innotec expertise in functional safety solutions, aiming for a holistic approach to functional safety.

Canton Fair 2024
Kooperation innotec und SIListra

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