TÜV AUSTRIA Group Legal & Compliance

Dr. Stefan Haas (CEO TÜV AUSTRIA Group), DDr. Manuela Kohl (Group Compliance Officer TÜV AUSTRIA Group) & Mag. Christoph Wenninger (CFO TÜV AUSTRIA Group)
Dr. Stefan Haas (CEO TÜV AUSTRIA Group), DDr. Manuela Kohl (Group Compliance Officer TÜV AUSTRIA Group) & Mag. Christoph Wenninger (CFO TÜV AUSTRIA Group) (c) TÜV AUSTRIA

TÜV AUSTRIA Group is a member of the TIC Council (tic-council.org), the world association of testing, inspection and certification companies.

  • TIC Council has issued a binding Compliance Code 
  • The TIC Council Compliance Code defines the standards of conduct and integrity
  • All TIC Council members are obliged to comply with it

The 7 TIC Council Principles

  • Integrity
  • Avoidance of conflicts of interest
  • Confidentiality and data protection
  • Prevention of corruption
  • Fair Business Conduct
  • Health and safety at work
  • Fair working conditions

These 7 TIC Council principles have been incorporated into the TÜV AUSTRIA Group Code of Conduct.

TÜV AUSTRIA Whistleblowing Hintbox

As a member of the TIC Council, TÜV AUSTRIA is committed to creating opportunities for whistleblowing based on the TIC Council Prinzipien.

TÜV AUSTRIA Legal & Compliance has set up the electronic whistleblower system tuvaustria.hintbox.at.

  • The whistleblowing system is hosted externally without connection to the company network.
  • No IP addresses or device IDs are logged
  • Reports are anonymised by default
  • Messages are sent and stored in encrypted form
  • Strictest confidentiality even in the case of voluntary disclosure
  • Reports are handled objectively and with due diligence in accordance with applicable data protection laws
  • Presumption of innocence applies when reporting misconduct
  • The reporting system must not be used for false accusations and the reporting of knowingly false information is not permitted.

Alternatively, right-click to copy tuvaustria.hintbox.at and open in another browser.

TÜV AUSTRIA Group Compliance Officer: DDr. Manuela Kohl

Manuela Kohl_c_TÜV AUSTRIA
DDr. Manuela Kohl (TÜV AUSTRIA Group Compliance Officer) (c) TÜV AUSTRIA
  • The Compliance Officer is responsible for determining, defining and controlling measures to implement and continuously maintain the TÜV AUSTRIA Group Compliance Programme in order to prevent or counteract damage in the TÜV AUSTRIA Group.
  • The Compliance Officer demonstrates compliance with laws and regulations internally and externally as an integral part of the TÜV AUSTRIA Group and thus also exercises symbolic power.
  • The Compliance Officer can be contacted at compliance(at)tuv.at .

TÜV AUSTRIA Group Compliance

DDr. Manuela Kohl
TÜV AUSTRIA Group Compliance Officer
2345 Brunn/Gebirge

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