About us – TÜV AUSTRIA

We bring safety, quality, innovation, environmental protection and entrepreneurial interests to a common denominator. From industrial enterprises, commercial and handicraft enterprises to the health and communal sectors to scientific and research institutions.

As one of the world’s leading services companies, we provide a competitive advantage and deliver trust. TÜV AUSTRIA has the advantage to offer a “One-Stop-Service” providing customized services. TÜV AUSTRIA is the representative of TÜV AUSTRIA in the Middle East and North Africa.

Where TÜV AUSTRIA has experts to serve in the fields of testing, inspection, and certification services worldwide. Whether you are an industrial company, a plant operator, active in commerce, a start-up, or in the process of establishing a business, safety, and security is major concerns in any case.


The Mineral Lab has local and international expertise in providing the mining, production and environmental industries with fast and accurate analytics at competitive prices. We provide chemical, mineralogical, and structural analytical data to aid in mineral exploration, process development, product quality control, fault analysis, and environmental control. The laboratory is made up of a group of professionals with expertise in X-ray spectroscopy (XRF, XRD, SEM), mineralogy, chemistry, biology and computer science.

Our Vision

To be the most trusted partner for (TIC) services worldwide.

Our Values

Through continuous efforts and selfless commitment, we strive to develop, improve, and implement market-leading solutions to all our current and future clients. The infrastructure values of our company are integrity, unity, client orientation, innovative spirit, and we have been able to earn the reputation of a company at the pinnacle of the TIC services industry.

Our Mission

We aim to exceed customer expectations with our Testing, Inspection and Certification (TIC) services, and more. We ease the way for customers by leveraging our expertise and multinational network, to deliver innovative solutions through experts in TIC services that enable manufacturers to demonstrate that their products comply with applicable environmental and operational safety and performance standards for markets around the world.

Facts & Data: From planning to ongoing operation

More than 3,000 employees in over 30 countries are working for our customers and partners worldwide. With customised services in the areas of testing, inspection, cyber security, data protection and certification as well as training and further education.

The international orientation of the TÜV AUSTRIA Group and a wide range of national and international authorisations make TÜV AUSTRIA your competent and reliable partner. From project planning to realisation and use.

More inside and simply safe. Since 1872.

Competence, diversity, international orientation and tradition form the basis of the service portfolio for integrated safety, quality, environmental and technical resource management. TÜV AUSTRIA creates safety and added value with all its activities. For our customers and partners, for our employees.

Documents produced by TÜV AUSTRIA are recognised throughout the European Economic Area and beyond in many countries around the world. This brings a high degree of legal certainty and acceptance in the economy, with authorities and in the public.

Solutions from a single source

The requirements of our customers are constantly changing. What remains is the constant need for safety and quality. Our range of services in the field of testing, inspection, verification, assessment, education and training as well as certification continues to develop innovatively and in anticipation of the market. With solutions from a single source for sustainable infrastructure and resource efficiency. The TÜV AUSTRIA Group’s range of services extends from lift technology, pressure equipment, plant safety and materials testing, education and training, medical technology, electrical engineering, environmental protection, Industry 4.0, Production 4. 0, noise protection assessments, carbon footprint evaluations, personal, system and product certification, cyber security, Internet of Things, e-mobility, AppChecks, loss adjusting, real estate management, calibrations, product testing, robotics, technical due diligence and legal compliance checks, as well as water hygiene, COVID-19 prevention and testing of stage, photovoltaic, hydrogen and wind power plants.

Because quality is decisive

In order to be able to guarantee our customers and partners the highest level of safety and quality with our services, we invest not only in appropriate technical equipment, but above all in the development of our employees. Their knowledge and commitment are the basis for our entrepreneurial success. Safety and quality therefore also have the highest priority in the workplace.

Autonomy, integrity and impartiality

In order to continuously fulfil ethical, legal and regulatory requirements, autonomy, integrity, impartiality and the confidential handling of information are at the centre of our actions in the TÜV AUSTRIA Group. This is made possible by an owner-independent organisational structure of the only Austrian TÜV, by a policy statement, by permanent membership in the TIC Council and the associated regular internal and external review of the TIC Council Compliance Code, a sector-specific code of conduct.

We take responsibility for our customers, partners, employees and society. As a substantial contribution to making the world a safer place.

Numbers, data, facts

TÜV AUSTRIA is pleased to have 95 percent highly satisfied customers. Tens of thousands of system and product certifications, hundreds of thousands of tests every year, more than 16,000 course participants, IT security full-service provider, number one in the field of materials technology, research cluster for future technologies, innovation and environment make TÜV AUSTRIA Austria’s leading testing, inspection & certification service provider.

Our accreditations

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